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Riot eliminates auto relegation, LCK begins, esports revenue projections

Riot Games announced some changes to the League of Legends Championship Series, including eliminating auto relegation.

The League of Legends Champions Korea got underway early Wednesday morning. Here’s a recap from The Score eSports.

Deloitte predicted esports will generate $500 million in worldwide revenue in 2016. What do you think?

Along the same lines, here’s a video documenting esports’ 2015 growthfrom Mashable.

Fnatic’s League of Legends coach Luis “Deilor” Sevilla gave an interesting interview to SB Nation and said what many have realized: Fnatic is in the middle reloading.

Esports commentator Dustin Mouret wrote about the key to Fnatic’srecent CounterStrike: Global Offensive success.

Travis Gafford’s video podcast featured special guest William “Chobra” Cho from ESL.

Gafford also talked with Esports Maybe about what’s in store for Hearthstone in 2016.

After initially pulling out of the StarLadder i-League LAN finals for Dota 2 because of weather issues preventing travel, Alliance will be able to compete after a schedule change.

That started today, by the way. Here’s a preview from Splyce.

A preview of the League of Legends Masters Series.

Here’s what to expect from the Melee side of this weekend’s Genesis 3 Super Smash Bros tournament.

Esports organization Titan is shutting down operations.

Team Impulse will be short-handed in this weekend’s opening of the North American League of Legends Championship Series because of visa issues with some of its players.

With the European LCS starting tomorrow, here’s a preview podcast on Unikrn.

The Daily Dot conducted a video interview with Renegades top laner Oleksii “RF Legendary” Kuziuta.

A profile of Chinese League of Legends team, World Elite.

Longtime mid laner Bar “dade” Eo-jin joined LPL team Qiao Gu Reapersas a reserve.

The MarsTV Dota 2 Winter League expanded its pool of invited teams.



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