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CLG, Team Liquid look like best threats to Immortals: Joe’s LCS blog

The landscape of North American League of Legends Championship Series is coming into place. There haven’t been a ton of games played yet, but we are now seeing signs of what teams are going to be middle tier, what teams will be on bottom, and what teams are pulling ahead

Right now, Immortals is on a different level than the rest of the region. Its control over the map during lane swaps and superior understanding of the patch is making all the difference. Seung-hoon “Huni” Heo is easily the best top laner, which is important because of how much top lane can influence the map. Immortals’ understanding of team compositions and each win condition is vastly superior to any team in NA. Immortals could go undefeated this split, and it’ll be exciting to see how it performs at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Don’t forget about CLG

It’s a constant trope going into every game: Counter Logic Gaming always has a concrete game plan, and if executed correctly, it dictates the game. CLG’s early game strategy and map movements have all been excellent in each game, even in losses. Today was a great example of how much potential this team has because of the dominance it had over one of the inferior teams. It should be clear that CLG has the potential to rise to the top of NA.

There are clear signs that Team Liquid is coming together

This season has been rough for TL because of the different roster moves. Finally with a constant lineup, TL is coming together. Beating NRG, supposedly the second best team in NA, was the exact type of statement TL needed to make. The top teams under Immortals are all very close, and TL can put its name among them. With a great coaching staff and talent, it’s all starting to come together.


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