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Valve patched CS:GO in the middle of a final

UPDATED at 3 p.m. with quotes from Splyce owner Marty Strenczewilk.

Talk about bad timing.

Valve Corporation, owner and developer of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, appeared to have patched CS:GO in the middle of a North American tournament final.

Splyce was playing Tempo Storm in the grand final of the RGN Winter Classic II, a smaller tournament but one that still paid a $10,000 prize pool. With the series tied 1-1 (and the third map tied at 10), the casters mentioned some lagging in the game and appeared to catch wind the new patch had arrived.

“We’ve got it,” one said. “Operation Wildfire.”

The casters then looked up notes on the new patch in the middle of the match. Seriously.

Valve scheduled a major patch to be released last night and apparently didn’t consider any matches of importance might be happening during it. The mid-game update understandably upset Splyce owner Marty Strenczewilk.

“Imagine you were playing an NFL game, and in the middle of the first quarter (the grounds crew) came out and said ‘We have to mow the lawn right now. You have to get off,’” Strenczewilk said. “That’s what it felt like.”

Reliable Gaming Network, which organized the event, acknowledged the update, which resulted in about a 20-minute delay in the middle of the match.

The two teams started the match on one patch and finished it on another.

Operation Wildfire has just launched! This has caused a minor problem with our server. Should be back live in a couple! Sorry for the delay

Unfortunately all of the players have to update and we’ll be performing a match-medic starting back at 10-10 on Dust2

Tempo Storm won the best-of-five match, 3-2, continuing its recent hot streak after winning last weekend’s North American qualifier for IEM Katowice.

The outrage about patching the game in the middle of a grand final is understandable. Yes, there are a lot of tournaments to keep track of, but why would Valve release the patch in the middle of the evening and not overnight at a time when it wouldn’t be possible to disrupt a tournament?

“They could just call Blizzard and do what they do and let people know,” Strenczewilk said. “If you enter the game, it’ll say, ‘Hey, by the way, we’re going into maintenance at this time.’

“The RGN finals were scheduled a week and a half ago. At any time in that window, it could have been moved. They could have let us know.”

Strenczewilk said the teams were lucky because of the two biggest map changes in the new patch, they had already played one and the other was vetoed. Strenczewilk also said the ESL ESEA Pro League was affected by the patch, as it happened during the compLexity Gaming/Enemy match.

Jason Lake, founder of compLexity Gaming, also tweeted about the disruption.

Just love how Valve updates during prime NA match time. Perhaps 3 AM would be wiser? Cmon.. common sense@csgo_dev.

This is a business with money on the line. @csgo_dev you need to do better.


Cover photo credit: James Cao (flickr)


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