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Riot Games makes rule changes to LCS

Riot Games announced Monday changes to a handful of rules for the League of Legends Championship Series, including how players are penalized and the possible formation of player panel.

In a lengthy post, Whalen “Magus” Rozelle, Riot’s director of esports, broke down three major changes. The biggest one is in regards to penalties. In the past, they were handled on a case-by-case basis, which led to myriad problems (most notably inconsistency).

Riot introduced Monday penalty indexes: The LCS index, which “covers common or minor offenses that warrant a suspension of less than three competitive months,” and the global index, which covers major offenses.

Riot will also use a “public-facing penalty tracker” going forward, which will document “all penalties levied” during the LCS. The posts will be more frequent and replace Riot’s “competitive rulings” in many instances.

The final part of Riot’s post outlined the idea of an “LCS Pro Player Panel,” with one representative from every LCS team. The panel would be used for feedback in determining rule changes like the ones announced Monday. In a perfect world, it would serve as the starting point for a potential player’s union.

But considering it would still be under Riot’s umbrella takes away some of the shine from the idea. In the end, Riot wouldn’t be held accountable by said panel; it appears it would simply be used for consulting.


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