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Sacha Baron Cohen + FIFA = hilarious

Lewd humor and English soccer go hand in hand, right? So why not extend that into video games?

In the new movie, “Grimsby,” released this week in the United Kingdom (with a March 11 release date in the United States under the title “The Brothers Grimsby”),  Sacha Baron Cohen plays Norman ‘Nobby’ Grimsby, the idiot brother of a British spy he has to try to hide. He’s also a big soccer fan.

Basically, he’s the guy you run into at the pub wearing a Chelsea jersey on a Sunday morning.

Cohen (well, Grimsby) joined IGN’s Gav Murphy to play a game of FIFA to commemorate the movie’s release. And it was hilarious.

The Englishman makes fun of Murphy for being from Wales, even though he can’t recall any of England’s national anthem (“it’s about the queen, right?”). He calls Murphy a “cheating Welsh Bastard” after Murphy scores a goal (which we all probably want to do when Gareth Bale scores) and later sings a song about Welsh’s inferiority after leveling the game.

And none of that even made the top five most outrageous things he said during the five-minute broadcast! Take a look below and watch the video for the full comedy. (Grimsby’s England drew Murphy’s Wales 1-1, by the way).

5. “What’s the button to threaten the referee?”

4. “I’ve got nine children. I’ve got Skeletar, Gangnam Style. We’ve got an 8-year-old called Tsunami. We’ve got Mr. Potato Head.”

3. “The last time we went out, we won 48 arrests to 12.”

2. “In Grimsby, our chant is actually, ‘We piss on your fish.’”

1. “I went to an orgy actually with Steven Spielberg. He has about 40,000 men and then some women, too. He goes around with a gun, a loaded gun. It’s his foreplay.”

Watch the video for yourself to get the full comedy of Cohen’s performance and, with the exception of one outburst, how well Murphy holds it all together.


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