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HellRaisers GM: oskar not leaving

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan base was collectively abuzz yesterday amid rumors Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný was leaving HellRaisers — possibly for a team that had qualified for this month’s MLG Columbus Major.

oskar reportedly said on stream that he had received offers from other teams. He then listed all the teams that qualified for the $1 million Columbus Major while telling people to “guess” the team that had offered him.

It appeared oskar was breaking news on his Twitch stream, but his general manager said it was all a joke.

HellRaisers released a statement Monday afternoon, in which general manager Maxim Bednarsky quelled any rumors oskar was leaving. According to the statement, anything oskar said on stream about receiving an offer was “a joke,” and Bednarsky said oskar wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

“I’ve had a talk with Tomáš, and he was surprised himself, so he assured me that even if he had said something, it all had been a joke,” Bednarskt said in the release. “He has an operating contract. And if someone is ready to negotiate about his transferring, in the first place he should get in contact with me to talk about his official transfer.”

oskar has been with Hellraisers since October, and the team has had mild success. HellRaisers won a handful of mostly smaller events, most notably taking first place the European Minor Championship in January. That win resulted in HellRaisers making the LAN qualifier for the Columbus Major, in which it fell just short of earning a spot in Columbus this month.

So who do you believe? The stream wasn’t in English and was translated on Reddit, so it’s possible words or meaning were lost in it. At the same time, it’s common for team executives in esports (and all sports, really) to deny roster moves that eventually prove to be true.

This one could go either way, so stay tuned.


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