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Ex-CJE jungler DayDream is third Korean to move to Japanese team DFM

CJ Entus made a coaching change and replaced Reach (Park Jung-suk) with Chae "Vinylcat" Woo-chul
After failing to re-qualify for League Champions Korea, CJ Entus made a coaching change and replaced Reach (Park Jung-suk) with Chae "Vinylcat" Woo-chul.

Detonation Focus Me of the League of Legends Japan League announced the addition of Kang “DayDream” Kyung-Min to its roster Friday, writes Inven’s Lim Hye-Sung. With the latest addition, DFM has signed three Korean pros including former SBENU jungler Yoon “Catch” Sang-Ho and support Han “Eternal” Ki-Hoon, who was previously known as “Vivid” in League Champions Korea.

Originally debuting with Xenics Storm, DayDream later joined CJ Entus in October 2013 and showed incredible potential. Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong has also been recorded saying that DayDream’s naturally aggressive jungling style and impeccable smiting ability makes him an impressive player.

More recently, DayDream also played for Brazilian team Keyd Stars and moved back to CJ Entus this past February but didn’t make a start in LCK play. He then left CJ Entus and returned home “in order to rest and individual practice,” but he still received many offers from various organizations.

“I’m very thankful on the offers I have gotten since,” he told Inven. “I ended up taking the offer from Japan, since I’ve been interested in the LJL for some time. I know that Japan’s league is very young, but I intend to play with DFM onwards to win the International WildCard Tournament to get a spot to worlds.”

He also addressed his fans in Korea apologizing for “letting down the fans” by leaving CJ Entus without even winning a championship due to “internal issues” of CJ Entus, and said that he hopes the fans will continue to support him in the LJL.

DFM has already won a spot for Riot Games’ International WildCard Tournament, came in second in LJL’s last season and dominated the 2016 spring split. DFM continues to command the attention of LJL fans and is projected to continue to be on top with its members.

The LJL begins tomorrow, and DFM plays its first game Friday.


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