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ESC Ever support KeY: “I think [our bot lane is] about 5th in the LCK.”

With ESC Ever’s 2-0 victory over CJ Entus, Ever continues its undefeated streak in Korea’s Nexon arena. With the excellent play as Bard, Ever’s support Kim “KeY” Han-Gi gave an interview with Inven’s Im Hye-Seong.

KeY told Inven that he thinks he’s “pretty good at Bard,” as he is well known for his Bard play.

“Since (Hong “MadLife” Min-Gi) is also good at Bard, the laning phase becomes difficult when he pulls out the Thresh,” KeY said, when asked why he chose bard for both sets. “We have a strategy called ‘Bard Land,’ which has us invading their jungle using Magical Journey. Like we’ve shown in the sets, we were able to catch CJ’s Lucian out which made the game flow better for us.”

There were also some concerns about his performance as a pro this season, but KeY says he wasn’t really shaken by his nerves.

“I wasn’t nervous when I stepped into the arena,” he told Inven. “When the audience walked in, I started to get more nervous, but that also subsided as I was able to focus on the games. I think we have many good memories in the Nexon arena.”

Finally when asked about the ace bot lane of Ever, KeY maintained a very humble position.

“I think we’re about 5th in the LCK,” he said. “At least I think so. I don’t know what (Lee “LokeN” Dong-Wook) feels about it though.”


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