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ESC Ever jungler Bless: “I don’t envision us fighting at the bottom rung this season.”

ESC Ever made a strong statement in its 2-0 win against CJ Entus on Wednesday to open the summer split League Champions Korea, and jungler Choi “Bless” Hyun-Woong was feeling confident about his team’s beginning in an interview with Hungry App TV.

As one of the two LCK teams for the summer split after earning a berth through the promotion tournament, there was a lot of pressure and attention on Ever. That was magnified by the fact that their first opponent was CJ Entus, one of the most established and respected organizations in the LCK.

“I don’t think I’m at the level of judging CJ’s performance, but I think they’re similar to us,”Bless told Hungry App. “We both have new junglers and very strong bottom lanes, so I feel like we learned a lot with a victory over CJ.”

Despite being the rookie team of the LCK, Ever’s goals still seem to be very high, with the ultimate goal of making to worlds, but they are aware of the competition.

“We don’t have any circuit points, so our goal is naturally to win the LCK summer split and making it to worlds,” he said. “In order to do so, we need to defeat SKT and ROX Tigers, which I know will take an immense effort. I also don’t envision us fighting at the bottom rung this season. I think MVP isn’t a team that will flounder this season either, so I predict a lot of our games being in the mid-to-top spots of the summer. I think SKT and ROX will continue to dominate the LCK.”

Lastly, Bless commented on Ever’s biggest rivals and shared the same awareness and optimism in his season predictions.

“Our biggest rival is MVP,” he said before adding, “If we can play better and better this season, I think we might be able to be a rival of SKT.”


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