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Arrow: “After winning the second set, the first word that crossed my mind was ‘summer.’”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

Continuing the season of 2-0 victories in the League Champions Korea, KT Rolster stepped over the rookie team MVP in surprising fashion with a comeback victory after losing all three inhibitors.

KT’s ADC No “Arrow” Dong-Hyun’s play as Sivir scored a quadra-kill at KT’s own base was crucial to the last minute victory, and delivered a memorable moment early into the season.

“The first set went really well do I don’t feel much about it, but in the 2nd set, MVP had a strong late-game composition if the game dragged on longer,” Arrow said in an interview with Daily eSports. “But taking a victory after losing three inhibitors really got the adrenaline pumping.”

Given that they were behind by a great deal, it was astounding to see KT come together as a team. Arrow said that the strategy came together as the game progressed.

“We weren’t able to get a single inhibitor at the time, so we were concerned whether or not we’d be able to even get near their nexus,” he said. “But we came up with a strategy of holding out with Lamb’s Respite while Swain teleported in for the team fight. We just wanted to try and put an end to the game at this point.”

KT’s support Ha “Hachani” Seung-Chan also turned heads by playing the reworked Taric for the first time in the LCK in the first set to great effect, ultimately rewarded with MVP points at the end of the game, writes Fomos’ Choi Min-Suk.

“Braum is weaker in lane in comparison, so I went with Taric who’s stronger for a lane matchup,” Hachani told Fomos. He added that the key in playing Taric was “predicting when to use his ult well” as it takes a 2 second casting time.

Hachani also commented on their comeback victory, saying that it had more to do with the opponent’s mistakes.

“They definitely had the better late game comp, so the longer the game goes, the harder it gets,” he said. “I think they made a mistake at the end of the game. If you take 3 inhibs, you can slow down and end the game but they were pushing too hard.”

Hachani did have an interesting comment regarding their surprising win over MVP in association with KT’s unique characteristic in summer splits. Hachani told Fomos that he thinks they won “because it’s the summer split,” and when asked about his teammate’s comment, Arrow laughed and agreed.

“After winning the second set, the first word that crossed my mind was ‘summer.’ I thought ‘Why are we winning this game?’ and then ‘Is it because it’s the summer?’ at the same time.”

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