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Ssumday on wrist injury: “I am undergoing treatment at the hospital, but it’s not something to be concerned about.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster didn’t grant Longzhu Gaming its first win with a reverse 2-1 victory, still maintaining its status as one of the Big 3 in the LCK. Kim “Ssumday” Chan-Ho on Mao Kai and Ekko was crucial to the win, despite concerns regarding his wrist, writes Inven’s Park Bum.

“I am undergoing treatment at the hospital,” he told Inven. “But it’s not something to be concerned about. I want to thank the fans who shared their concerns and support.”

Despite their advantage during the first set, Longzhu managed to create a victory from behind with a shaky victory in the second set and more solid one in the third.

“We shouldn’t have lost (the first set),” Ssumday said. “We showed a lot of misplays during the laning phase. When looking back, it was a losing game.”

He went on to say in the second set that they “had better focus” and the key to victory was “stopping their plays while the flow was going in (MVP’s) favor.”

KT will be facing another member of the Big 3, SKT T1 in its next game, and Ssumday remains cautious.

“We don’t have a firm grasp on SKT’s play style yet,” he said. “Additionally, we aren’t as good when we play earlier on in the day. Seeing as our match with SKT is at 2PM, I am nervous but I will do my best.”

Ssumday ended the interview saying that his goal is to rank high no matter what for the LCK summer split, and said that he wanted to “meet the fans’ expectations” for this split.


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