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SKT’s Bang: “I got sick of playing League of Legends two years ago.”

Showcasing the most useless trend of concerns, SK Telecom T1 defeated CJ Entus in a decisive 2-0 win in Thursday’s League Champions Korea match, with Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik showing an unstoppable Ezreal yet again. Afterward, Bang had some choice words about his play.

In a post-game video interview Bang was asked if he ever gets sick of playing Ezreal all the time, and Bang shocked the audience with a single sentence.

“I got sick of playing League of Legends two years ago,” he said in the interview. “It’s about playing good champions, not having fun. Sometimes I can have fun while playing those champions.”

Bang also addressed some fan concerns about the long rest period after MSI but showed a champion’s confidence in his team.

“After two days we did nothing but practice,” he said. “We had some pretty good win rates in scrims. We didn’t drop a single scrim to anyone. But we didn’t win with the game play we would be satisfied with, so I wondered if we actually got worse. Strangely, even when I win, I don’t feel like I won.”

The casters asked about the very meta appropriate picks that SKT showed, and if Bang thought if the picks shown today were the best in the current meta, to which he replied:

“You mentioned playing around the meta, but I think we are the Meta.”

Finally Bang told the crowd that he is aiming to “continue to work hard,” since “we do well when (I work hard.)”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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