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SKT coach: “It’s hard to tell how well we are doing well as a team with only one victory.”

After SK Telecom T1’s victory over a struggling CJ Entus, SKT’s head coach Choi Byung-Hun replaced commonplace happiness with more criticism and a cold heart.

“I think (Kang “Blank” Sun-Gu) and (Bae “Bengi” Seong-Woong) are both great players,” head coach Choi said in an interview with OSEN. “Bengi just performed better last week’s practice than Blank did. Bengi played well in the practices match I don’t think he played as well in the games against CJ.”

SKT competed in the Sang-Am Stadium for the first time put forth an amazing display of team play in both sets, but the head coach still maintains his vintage cautious behavior.

“It’s hard to tell how well we are doing well as a team with only one victory,” he said. “We were able to win today’s games due to the great pick/ban phase.” He continued on to say that SKT will be able to really see where it is after games with the ROX Tigers and KT Rolster.

Choi also addressed getting Bengi off the bench for the first time in 104 days, mentioning that this doesn’t mean Bengi will continue to be SKT’s starting jungler.

“Blank isn’t the worse player here,” he said. “They’re both very good, so it makes little difference who we decide to take the jungle.”

He ended the interview with OSEN sounding still a bit unsure about the League Champions Korea summer split.

“It’s becoming more difficult to predict anything,” he said. “Not a single team is considered an easy win. Even Longzhu can come back from their losing streak to challenge the top spots, and the rookie teams ESC and MVP have been incredibly impressive.”


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