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Capcom overturns adult-content policy, TI6 prize pool reaches $10M

Our top stories from the weekend:

A look at the return of Cloud 9’s William “Meteos” Hartman, who was once considered the best jungler in North America.

The ROX Tigers’ Lee “Kuro” Seo-Hang said his Viktor play was the best in the world in a post-match interview Friday.

The world’s best League of Legends player, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, gave a hilarious interview after SK Telecom T1 moved to 2-0 in the League Champions Korea season.

Speaking of Faker, Jin Air Green Wings rookie Jin “Blanc” Seong-min said he wanted to be like him.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett’s suspension didn’t even last a week, as Team Liquid started himin a North American League Championship Series match over the weekend.

Former player and coach William “Scarra” Li has joined TheScore as an interviewer.

Previewing the North American LCS summer split through the eyes of the rookie teams.

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng said he will no longer practice on dynamic queue, which will cost him a significant chunk of money.

An interview with Jason “WildTurtle” Tran from the North American LCS.

Catching up with Echo Fox’s Yuri “Keith” Jew.

Updated playlist of interviews from the North American and European LCS.

An interview with Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek about his switch to H2K.

Counter Logic Gaming’s Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun said his team will be at its best when it matters, come playoff time.

Dota 2

Recapping the group stage at the Manila Major.

The International’s prize pool has surpassed $10 million.

Previewing the bracket stage of the Manila Major.

An interview with Ad Finem’s Kharis “SkyLark” Zafeiriou.


Astralis might be in trouble for ELeague, as its captain, Finn “Karrigan” Andersen said his visa has been denied.

EnVyUs coach Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez is stepping down from the team and expects to return to playing for another organization.

An interview with caster Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat about CS:GO’s growth.


Jon “Orange” Westberg has left Team Archon, as the organization appears to move away from esports.

FACEIT produced its first Hearthstone tournament over the weekend.


An interview with Rick Fox about Echo Fox and where to go next in esports.

Other games

Overwatch has had 7 million players in less than three weeks since its launch.

Capcom has overturned its decision to ban teams with adult content sponsors from participating in its events.

Naventic has signed Street Fighter V pro Peter “Flash” Susini.



Manila Major (Dota 2)

Group B

Wings 2:1 Team Secret

Digital Chaos 2:1 Wings

Group C

Fnatic 2:0 Vici Gaming Reborn

Liquid 2:1 Alliance

Group D

LGD Gaming 2:0 MVP Phoenix

Evil Geniuses 2:1 Mineski

League of Legends Champions Korea

Samsung Galaxy 2:0 MVP, 7 a.m.

League of Legends Pro League

Invictus Gaming 2:1 Saint Gaming

European League Championship Series

Unicorns of Love 2:0 Origen

Splyce 1:1 ROCCAT

G2 1:0 Giants

H2K 1:1 Schalke

Fnatic 1:1 Vitality

North American League Championship Series

Team SoloMid 2:0 Counter Logic Gaming

Team EnVyUs 2:1 NRG

ELeague: Week 2 (CS:GO)

Ninjas in Pyjamas 2:0 G2 (16-9, 16-3)


Manila Major (Dota 2)

Group C

Liquid 2:1 Fnatic

Alliance 2:0 Vici Gaming Reborn

Fnatic 2:1 Alliance

Group D

LGD Gaming 2:1 Evil Geniuses

MVP Phoenix 2:1 Mineski

MVP Phoenix 2:1 Evil Geniuses

League of Legends Champions Korea

SK Telecom T1 2:0 KT Rolster

Afreeca Freecs 2:0 CJ Entus

League of Legends Pro League

Royal Never Give Up 2:0 Oh My God

Vici Gaming 2:1 I MAY

Team WE 2:1 LGD Gaming

North American League Championship Series

Echo Fox 2:0 Phoenix1

Immortals 2:1 Cloud 9

Apex 2:0 NRG

EnVyUs 2:0 Liquid


League of Legends Pro League

EDward Gaming 2:0 Saint Gaming

Invictus Gaming 2:0 Game Talents

Snake eSports 2:0 NewBee

North American League Championship Series

Team SoloMid 2:0 Liquid

Apex 2:1 Counter Logic Gaming

Immortals 2:0 Phoenix1, 6 p.m

Cloud9 2:1 Counter Logic Gaming


(All times Eastern)

League of Legends Champions Korea


ROX Tigers vs. SK Telecom T1, 7 a.m.

Manila Major (Dota 2)


Upper bracket

Team Liquid vs. MVP Phoenix, 10 p.m.

Natus Vincere vs. OG, 1:20 a.m. Tuesday

Lower bracket

Wings vs. compLexity, 4:40 a.m. Tuesday

Alliance vs. Mineski, 6 a.m. Tuesday


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