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Jin Air’s Chei talks about low kill counts

Jin Air's coach talked about the professional debut of Xayah and Rakan.
the Jin Air Green Wings coach talked about the professional debut of Xayah and Rakan in their League Champions Korea (LCK) summer split opener.

The Jin Air Green Wings continue to impress after defeating CJ Entus 2-0 on Friday. The games weren’t kill-heavy, but Jin Air stood above CJ showing better game management. But Jin Air’s support Choi “Chei” Sun-Ho said there is still much more to do, writes Inven’s Shin Dong-Gun.

“In the second set CJ used Jinx, and I should have pressured her earlier,” he said in a post-match interview. “There were also mistakes such as getting a pretty safe Baron stolen away from us.”

He also commented on the very low kill count of the first game, with first blood 15 minutes into the game.

“I don’t know why (the kill counts tend to be low,)” he said. “I think it’s we play around objectives more often, and can’t get the snowball rolling earlier. It’s something we need to work on.”

This comes at a particularly interesting time, as Jin Air has shown speedy games before. Chei said that practice tends to run around ending the game early.

“Every season we try to end the game more quickly,” he said. “I think practice did pay off in that regard. We’ll continue to practice to get the early snowball rolling.”

Chei also had some very confident words as he commented on their next game against the Afreeca Freecs, perhaps related to his comments on early game snowballs.

“I need to watch more Afreeca games for sure,” he said. “If we can hit back Afreeca’s offense well, I think we might win unexpectedly easily. I think we might be able to go home earlier than usual.”


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