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MVP’s Max: “As the team starts to think a independently a lot, the shot-calling then gets confused.”

MVP head coach Kwan Jarvan IV
The MVP head coach said his team has plenty more surprise champion picks left for the playoffs.

MVP, the ninth placed team in League Champions Korea, shocked fans and viewers alike taking down the second place Jin Air Green Wings on Monday. The bottom lane of MVP showed a solid performance, and support Jeong “Max” Jong-Bin said that the team spent a lot of time learning from their recent defeat by the hands of SK Telecom T1, writes Fomos’ Kang Nam.

“After the loss against SKT, we watch the match over again about seven or eight times and noticed a lot of mistakes,” he told Fomos. “Using that as a foundation we were able to fix our problems and win. As the team starts to think a independently a lot, the shot-calling then gets confused.”

Max showed some incredible plays as Bard in the second game, but Max said that the Bard pick wasn’t his first choice.

“Honestly I didn’t have that much confidence in my Bard,” he said. “Yesterday I observed a Bard master player and noticed changes in runes and masteries so I copied him. This is the first time I was using those runes and masteries in a competitive setting, but I think it was pretty ok. If I get to face that Bard master in solo queue, I want to give him Bard him and beat him with another champion.”

When asked what champions he was preparing for future games, Max said some very interesting champions, especially from a support player.

“I’m practicing Sion and Elise,” he said. “I think they’ll be unstoppable. Sion is strong in the laning phase but unlike solo queue, in competitive play, lane swaps dissuades me from playing him.”

The next opponents are his old team CJ Entus, and Max intend to face his old teammate Hong “Madlife” Min-Gi with some new tricks up his sleeve.

“I think CJ is making a comeback, so I don’t intend to let my guard down,” he said. “We’ll prepare to our best ability, but I can’t promise that we’ll win. (Madlife) taught me a lot of tips and tricks about trades that I didn’t know before. I want to win using that same knowledge. I wasn’t able to perform well while in CJ, but I intend to show them my growth.”


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