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A team-by-team introduction to professional Overwatch

Overwatch is still in it’s infancy but has shown promise from professional teams and developers that it is pushing to be the next great esport. ESL recently announced a $100,000 invitational tournament at the end of summer during Gamescom. With no announcements about official Activision Blizzard tournaments, many team owners have invested with the hopes that Blizzard brings the capital to Overwatch that it has brought to Heroes of the Storm.

With the exploding popularity of Overwatch over the last month, most people will not know much about the professional Overwatch scene and how the team stacks up. Today Slingshot aims to bring you an introduction to the growing world of Overwatch esports. Some of the biggest names in North America have already bought into the hype, including Cloud 9, Luminosity, Team Liquid and EnVyUs. Let’s take a look (in no particular order):

North America

Cloud 9: KyKy, Grego, Surefour, Adam, reaver, deBett

Highest Achievement: Agents Rising (First)

Other Achievements: First at Alienware Monthly Melee: April and May, Overkill, One Nation of Gamers Invitational

Cloud 9 entered Overwatch in February after signing Google Me and has been dominating professional Overwatch ever since. Cloud 9 has been undefeated since the One Nation of Gamers Invitational at the start of April. Most recently it finished atop its group in Operation Breakout after defeating Luminosity, Rogue, Northern Gaming Blue and

Luminosity: Seagull, milo, Esper, enigma, Gods, Pookz

Highest Achievement: GosuGamers Weekly NA #13 (First)

Other Achievements: Alienware Monthly Melee: April (second), Overkill (fourth), Alienware Monthly Melee: May (fourth)

Luminosity bought into Overwatch at the end of March by signing the roster previously known as mixup. Luminosity is ranked second in North America behind Cloud 9, according to GosuGamers. Luminosity’s captain Brandon “Seagull” Larned is a popular Overwatch streamer and has attracted many fans to himself and the organization through his professional play.

Team Liquid: dummy, DaHanG, Frisco, MESR, Vee, AZK

Highest Achievement: Agents Rising (second)

Other Achievements: GosuGamers Weekly NA #11 (second), Alienware Monthly Melee: April (5-6th)

Team Liquid is comfortably seated in North America’s third spot after a solid showing at Agents Rising. Without much competition behind other teams challenging for top spots in North America, Liquid can use experience to its advantage. Liquid also houses Keven “AZK” Lariviere one of the two members of the ex-iBUYPOWER Counter-Strike team — that was infamously banned for match fixing — who have made the transition to Overwatch.

Splyce: PYYYOUR, steel, clockwork, flame, PapaSmurf, cozen

Highest Achievement: GosuGamers Weekly NA #13 (3-4th)

Other Achievements: Alienware Monthly Melee: May (13-16th), GamersOrigin Overwatch Cup (9-16th)

Splyce is the newest addition to the Overwatch scene in North America after picking up the roster of Fine, I’ll Go McCree on June 13. Having beaten Selfless 2-0 in this past week’s GosuGamers Weekly, Splyce has already shown it’s ready to make its mark on North American Overwatch. Splyce is the other team containing an ex-iBUYPOWER member, as its primary DPS player Joshua “steel” Nissan is also an ex-professional Counter-Strike player.

Selfless: emongg, b1am, Sicarri, juv3nile, Michael3D, rob-wiz

Highest Achievement: GosuGamers Weekly NA #13 (5-8th)

Other Achievements: N/A

Selfless is the most untested team on the list. Joining the organization on the morning of June 13, it was the first of two large Overwatch investments on the day (Splyce). With only one tournament under its belt, it seems like Splyce got the better deal. Time will tell where Selfless fit into the North American Overwatch scene.

Other notable names that have picked up Overwatch teams in North America include: Elevate, Gale Force Esports, Northern Gaming (Red) and VexX Gaming.


Reunited: Morte, 2Easy, Vallutaja, uNFixed, Winghaven, Kruise

Highest Achievement: One Nation of Gamers Invitational (second), Overkill (second)

Other Achievements: GosuGamers Weekly EU #10 and #12 (first), ingame Overwatch Masters (first)

Reunited formed on Jan. 4 after leaving the Fnatic organization. Four of its members, having previously played Battlefield 4 for Fnatic, successfully made the transition to Overwatch until their departure in January. Reunited is currently fighting for the top spot in Europe with established esports brand EnVyUs.

Rogue: TviQ, Reinforce, winz, aKm, uNKOE, ToxikeN

Highest Achievement: TaKeOver (first)

Other Achievements: The Plays Launch Event (first), GosuGamers Weekly EU #12 (3-4th)

Rogue currently takes the slot held by Liquid in North America. Good enough to be comfortably ahead of the rest of Europe but not strong enough to challenge the top two teams consistently. Rogue entered the esports world on May 3 when it announced the signing of the roster MyDong. Rogue is a brand new esports organization founded by former Enemy Co-Owner Frank Villareal.

Team EnVyUs: Talespin, INTERNETHULK, Taimou, cocco, chipshajen, HarryHook

Highest Achievement: Alienware Monthly Melee: May (second)

Other Achievements: GosuGamers Weekly NA #11 and #12 and EU #11 (first), Overkill (third)

EnVyUs is the second team in Europe fighting to be called number one. After picking up the roster of IDDQD on the April 23 they have only lost to Cloud 9 and Reunited. EnVyUs originally entered the Overwatch scene by signing Team Hubris back in February but dropped its old team to sign the IDDQD roster.

Creation Esports: Draceus, BromaS, LiNkz, art1er, numlocked. KnOxXx

Highest Achievement: TaKeOver (second)

Other Achievements: Overkill (5-6th), ONLYWATCH (first), GO4Overwatch EU #1 (first)

Much akin to EnVyUs, Creation Esports has now twice bought into the Overwatch market. First in January when it signed a roster named Danger Dogs and then again in April, signing FlatEarth. FlatEarth saw a fair amount of success in weekly tournaments, which got the team recognized and signed by Creation. After joining Creation, the team has gone on to win almost $2,000 in prize money, including $1,250 for its second place finish at TaKeOver.

Melty Esports Club: KabaL, DeGun, moonL, NiCO, Baud, Flippy

Highest Achievement: Gamers Assembly (first)

Other Achievements: TaKeOver (fourth), GD Overwatch EU Laststand (first)

Melty Esports Club has one of the longest standing rosters in Overwatch, with five of the six members currently playing for Melty being signed last August. Its strongest performance came in March, taking down a field of nine other teams while going undefeated in 19 games at Gamers Assembly in Paris.

Other notable names that have picked up Overwatch teams in Europe include: SK Gaming, Northern Gaming (Blue), Graviton Surge (Unsigned).

Cover image: Blake Bottrill.

Bottrill is also a freelance writer for Splyce. 


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