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Faker: “There isn’t someone who can play as well as I can, so I think it becomes a plus for Bang’s performance.”

SK Telecom T1 ended its worrying trend of defeats by taking down Longzhu Gaming with a clean 2-0 win Friday. Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok and Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik were nominated as MVPs for Games 1 and 2 and were invited to the post-match interview with casters Kim Dong-Jin and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo. As per usual, the two top players of SKT were great subjects.

Caster Kim asked the pair about the preparation after the 2 consecutive losses and Faker was willing to take responsibility for his poor showing.

“It’s not like we practiced any less,” he said in the interview. “After losing 2 in a row, I wondered why we lost in the first place. But honestly we didn’t play well, and I didn’t play well at all. We’ve certainly gotten better than when we lost twice, but there’s still much to go.”

Bang was also confronted with his second game pick as Lucian, and caster Kim Dong-Jin pointed out the negative responses from other AD Carries. Bang admitted Lucian’s fall from grace but still had a solid strategy behind his pick.

“Even our coach said that Lucian is bad,” he said. “Also last game we lost while I was playing Lucian, and I got a message from (Kim “Deft” Hyuk-Kyu) asking why I kept using him even though he sucks. But he’s still very strong in the early game especially against Sivir, so you can contribute to the team early while you rely on the team in the later game. I don’t think he’s that terrible of a champion and that it all depends on how you play him.”

CloudTemplar shifted the focus on Faker, saying that perhaps it was because of Faker’s ability to play supportive mid laners such as Lulu or Karma that gives Bang the confidence to pick Lucian. Faker’s response was fit for a king.

“Bang is very good, but I’m also very good (at those champions),” he said to exploding laughter. “There isn’t someone who can play as well as I can, so I think it becomes a plus for Bang’s performance.”

On the topic of champion picks, Faker answered questions about his impressive Anivia play in Game 1. Although he  was initially curious why another teammate didn’t get the MVP nomination, he didn’t mind it at all.

“The coach wanted me to play Anivia,” he said. “Also in game 1, (Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong) had very good Gnar ults, so I thought he would get the MVP nomination. But honestly I did very well too, so I think it was right for me to take (the nomination.)”

In contrast, Bang offered a much more humble approach towards SKT’s success past and present.

“I think that the most important person to our victories is always our coach,” he said. “It’s not just the players but everyone involved that works hard for success, and we never think deeply about the ‘most’ important person. So in the perspective of the viewers, I understand (how some players seem the most important) but we’re all really good (at what we do.)”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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