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MVP’s Beyond: “I honestly don’t know the meta all that well.”

MVP head coach Kwan Jarvan IV
The MVP head coach said his team has plenty more surprise champion picks left for the playoffs.

With a clean 2-0 victory over Longzhu Gaming, MVP continues in League Champions Korea’s summer split on the hunt for the postseason. With surprising success from a rookie team in its first pro-split, many are looking into MVP’s games closely, and some are saying the new meta has favored MVP’s play style. MVP’s jungler Kim “Beyond” Kyu-Suck doesn’t seem to agree.

“I honestly don’t know the meta all that well,” he told Fomos’ Kang Nam. “I just work with the team as fluidly as possible. I think our team can perform well regardless of what meta we’re in.”

MVP was particularly dominant in the second set, not allowing Longzhu to breathe as it took down the nexus one step at a time. Beyond attributes the victory more to his opponent’s lack of patience.

“The game played out smoothly because they were more rushed,” he said. “We had a better team comp, and I think Longzhu also felt more pressure due to their current record.”

Now in a solid fifth place in the summer split, it seems more and more likely that MVP will be competing comfortably in the middle card. Beyond has a more realistic projection of the future of his team, but still has hopes for the postseason.

“If we continue to play the way we do right now, I can see us making the postseason in fifth place,” he said.

MVP will be facing a toiling CJ Entus next, and to Beyond, facing a team on the lower rungs has its own set of pressures compared to the upper tiers.

“It’s actually more comfortable facing stronger teams,” he said. “A potential loss has that much more of a risk in future, so we’ll practice hard and win.


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