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MVP’s Ian on Beyond’s calm demeanor: “It’s a front. We can’t even breathe in the gaming house. He scolds us a lot.”

MVP continues to be a on a tear as the rising super rookie team with yet another victory over the struggling CJ Entus with a reverse sweep of a 2-1. MVP’s mid laner Ahn “Ian” Jun-Hyung and jungler Kim “Beyond” Gyu-Suk were awarded MVP points for their performances against CJ, and to Ian this would be the first time giving an interview with casters Kim Dong-Jun and Lee “CloundTemplar” Hyun-Woo. Perhaps the interview was more terrifying than the game itself for Ian.

“Interviews are hard,” he said to erupting laughter. “It’s a new feeling to be in the hot seat at Sang-Am Stadium. I feel like the questions will be a lot more straightforward and I like that.”

The interview flowed to trying to understand the great success this rookie team is having, and though some of it must be attributed to Beyond, who is in second place in MVP points, he gave credit to the whole team.

“I think the secret (to our success) is definitely teamwork,” he said, and as Ian pointed to himself as the key to success, he added that “Ian is a tyrant that destroys that synergy.”

CloudTemplar then shifted into more game specific questions, first to Ian and his preference for Varus. With many noteworthy plays in the mid lane, Ian revealed the best way to deal with Varus; an early shutdown or a nerf.

“In order to win against Varus, you need to shut him down early in the game,” he said. “But (CJ) couldn’t do that and gave us the advantage. Varus needs a nerf in my opinion. He’s too strong.”

Beyond was also asked about a successful gank in the mid lane handing Ian an early kill, and according to Beyond, he usually listens to the laners and “paint a pictures that (the laners) want” through a gank. Ian did point out that the gank in question was all Beyond, showing a little bit of that teamwork they were talking about.

As a follow up, CloudTemplar asked about Beyond’s seemingly gentle and soft interview style, but Ian dispelled that image almost immediately.

“It’s just a front,” he said. “We can’t even breathe in the gaming house. He scolds us a lot.”

Beyond didn’t necessarily disagree with Ian, but did point out that Ian “has the most say” in what happens in the games, and joked that Ian was “politicking” by framing Beyond as a tyrant in private.

Another facet of MVP’s success was also revealed to be the veteran of the team, Oh “MaHa” Hyun-Sik as the AD Carry. Both Beyond and Ian agreed that it was thanks to MaHa’s previous experiences as a trainee under CJ that they were able to learn “what it means to be a pro,” and that MaHa makes the most amount of calls in game.

Ian ended the interview, commenting on the sudden increase of fans and the generous gifts they are giving team MVP, and how grateful he was. He promised to work hard so that the fans can support them until the very end of the season.


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