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Crown after SSG reached first place: “I don’t think that we’re a strong team even 1 percent.”

Crown says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK in its current form.
Crown (Lee Min-ho) says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK (League Champions Korea) summer split in its current form.

Samsung Galaxy started its second round with much success Friday by taking down Longzhu Gaming with a clean 2-0, placing themselves in sole control of first place in League Champions Korea’s summer split. Mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-Ho showed textbook games on both Azir and Viktor and assisted his team’s two wins to take the match. According to Crown, their past struggles against Longzhu was due to poor conditions before their games, writes Inven’s Park Bum.

“Leading up to the games with Longzhu, we always felt off during practice games, and during the games themselves,” he told Inven. “This time we did well in practice, and we were feeling great so as long as played the way we did, I thought we could win. Longzhu is made of very sharp players. With that aggression in mind, we tried to play against them using our hardy play style.”

To match Samsung’s new defensive play style, Crown also had to make some adjustments, mainly not going out of his way in order to reduce the amount of mistakes in game.

With Samsung now in sole control of first place for the first time in the middle of a season, many would assume that Crown would have some pride in that achievement, but his thoughts are quite the contrary.

“I don’t think that we’re a strong team even 1 percent,” he said. “I think we just got lucky and are here right now. Everyone has the desperation to do well. If anything it’s thanks to our team coming together. It’s important to continue this mentality.”

In context, this mentality of Crown matches his previous statements explaining his ambitions to be one of the greatest of all time in League of Legends. He mentioned that he wanted to reach the fame of the four greatest Starcraft Broodwar players in Korean history; Kim “Bisu” Taek-Yong, Song “Stork” Byung-Goo, Lee “FlaSh” Young-Ho, and Lee “Jaedong” Jae-Dong. To reach this goal, Crown says he has a long way to go.

“I don’t know if I’m really improving (as a player,)” he said. “I need to try everything I can possibly do. Pros are defined by their results. If I can consistently do well in competitions, then I think I can know.”

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