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Ambition: “I’ve always thought that Jin Air plays their games too safely.”

Crown says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK in its current form.
Crown (Lee Min-ho) says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK (League Champions Korea) summer split in its current form.

Samsung Galaxy stepped over a struggling Jin Air Green Wings, delivering them their sixth consecutive loss with a 2-0. Although not nominated as a MVP, Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong was a crucial factor in putting top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-Jin ahead. Ambition said his support of CuVee is due to his CuVee’s consistent play, writes Inven’s Park Bum.

“It depends on the game,” he told Inven. “Lately (CuVee) delivers on his promised plays a lot. During Set 1 I made sure he got ahead, and then shifted my attention to the mid lane.”

When asked about how he felt about CuVee’s death to tower damage during their match against Jin Air, Ambition said that it was an “unexpected mistake,” and that thankfully Jin Air “didn’t take advantage of it.”

He talked more about Jin Air in conjunction with Samsung’s head coach’s comment about how Ambition was the “hidden MVP” for Samsung, contributing his success more to his opponent’s mistakes.

“I’ve always thought that Jin Air plays their games too safely,” he said. “When I make mistakes, strong teams are usually very good at taking advantage of that, but Jin Air just lets it go. I think they are an opponent we can easily wait out.”

Even with nine wins under his belt, Ambition still seems to be cautious about their games against the top three teams in League Champions Korea; the ROX Tigers, SK Telecom T1, and KT Rolster, as they have yet to face them for Round 2.

“We haven’t faced the top 3 yet,” he said. “Until we do, we need to win every single game. Assuming we are fourth in the rankings, each win those teams puts them ahead of us.” He added that he “hopes the other top teams’ conditions are bad,” since Samsung always feels the same from game to game.

He continued to say that with nine wins, they almost clinched their postseason hopes, and now that the team thinks that almost made it, he feels “more ambitious” for even better and higher results.

When asked more in detail about which of the top 3 teams he wants to take down in particular, Ambition maintained his reserved attitude although he was eager to take down Samsung’s long time rivals.

“All three of the teams are strong in their own ways,” he said. “As long as we don’t don’t let their strengths dictate our games, we can make competitive games happen. Of the three I think I we have the best chance against KT. Seeing as we were rivals for such a long time, I want to take them down.”

Ambition has yet to make it to the world championships, but now that he’s closer than ever, he says the key to making it is playing one game at a time.

“I think the world championship is still in the far future,” he said. “With such a tough schedule, I believe that by playing hard each game at a time, we can make it. I want to calmly approach each game and win.”


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