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Samsung Galaxy coach: Gap between top LCK teams “has gotten narrower.”

Crown says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK in its current form.
Crown (Lee Min-ho) says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK (League Champions Korea) summer split in its current form.

Samsung Galaxy’s winning streak has reached four matches after Monday’s 2-0 sweep of the Jin Air Green Wings. With such a dominant performance Samsung is now looking strong with a 9-3 record in League Champions Korea’s summer split. In a post-match interview with casters Kim “Dangun” Eui-Joong, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, and Kim Dong-Jun,Samsung’s coach Kim Jeong-Su revealed the two players who are crucial to their solid game play.

“We are going for a textbook game management style, so we have a lot of manuals on what to do during certain situations,” he said during the live phone interview. “(Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong) and (Kwon “Wraith” Ji-Min) know where to send the AD Carry in whatever scenario, and they’re aware of where the enemy carries are while also scoping out what parts of the enemy jungle they can go in the absence of an allied carry. They are crucial to the team’s shot-calling.”

CloudTemplar asked more in detail about Ambition’s newfound trust in the team, abandoning his old play style of trying to carry the team after getting ahead in the jungle. Coach Kim said that despite Ambition’s seemingly stubborn image, Ambition is actually a softie.

“I talked a lot with (Ambition) and we came to the conclusion that being ahead one level in the jungle is meaningless right now,” he said. “So we decided to put more effort in putting the laners ahead even by half a level, and giving buffs to laners whenever possible. He understands how our game plan works, and I want to thank him for changing his mentality for the team, which undoubtedly plays a part in our success.”

When CloudTemplar inquired further whether or not Ambition listens to the coaching staff, coach Kim Jeong-Su assured that Ambition is an “obedient player” who is always receptive to the coaching staff.

The next question was about another Samsung player who has gone through a change: top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-Jin, who has become much more confident in his play. Coach Kim has also had a conversation with CuVee and said that the team puts more faith in CuVee’s own decisions.

“(CuVee’s) solo rank is good, and he has done well in scrims lately as well,” he said. “Before he asked a lot of questions about what to do, but we told him to trust his own judgement, and I think he’s gotten even better.”

Dangun asked the coach what the new goals for Samsung are, now that the team has a strong record and is firmly in the running for the top spots.

“The players are of course looking at higher goals while I was looking at finishing the summer season at fifth place,” he said. “Now I think we can reach for second or third if we continue to play well.”

The coach also expressed that the gap between the top teams in the LCK “has gotten narrower,” and for their next matches against the ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1, Samsung could make “close games” against both.


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