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KT Rolster’s Hachani: “Ssumday did better than we thought” on Teemo

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster ended its losing streak by delivering the Jin Air Green Wings another loss with a 2-1 victory on Friday. Although KT had the same pick and ban hiccup as CJ yesterday, it still managed to pull out two victories without getting too affected by the mistake. KT’s support Ha “Hachani” Seung-Chan and jungler Ko “Score” Dong-Bin were awarded with MVP points, but of course the first question in the post-match interview with Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun was about the Teemo pick.

“(Kim “Ssumday” Chan-Ho) did better than we thought,” Hachani told the casters. “Thankfully he didn’t fall behind, but we did ultimately lose the game.” When Kim Dong-Jun asked if the rest of the team still thought they could win, Hachani said that KT’s team comp “didn’t need a solid top lane,” and that they thought “if the four of (them could) play well together,” they could win.

When CloudTemplar asked more in detail about the unexpected calmness from the coaching staff behind them during champion select, Score said that they remained calm because they “still had to play the game,” indicating that overly negative feedback might have been a bad idea.

Moving onto more game specific questions, caster Kim commented on Hachani’s outrageous plays on Taric, focusing on one particular play in which he predicted the enemy Ezreal’s Arcane Shift to stun him in place. Hachani said that he wasn’t particularly playing Taric often.

“I don’t play Taric a lot in practice,” he said. “His use is limited to specific instances, so I used him today because we were in a position to. I play all (support) champions equally so I don’t have a weak pick.”

KT did suffer a losing streak, which led to many people thinking KT was losing its touch as one of the top three teams in League Champions Korea. Despite the loss in faith from some fans, Hachani said they losses didn’t affect his confidence.

“We did lose a lot, but I don’t think the games themselves were bad ones,” he said. “We just made some mistakes and bad calls. I don’t think our confidence as a team was affected.”

With a rising star in the form of Samsung Galaxy, Score said that they still have a lot to prove to be permanent replacements of “KT’s summer.”

“They didn’t play us yet,” he said. “We’ll need to play each other to see.”


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