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ROX Tigers’ PraY: “I’m planning to pray that SKT loses.”

ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's LCK match because of an apparent illness.
ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's League Champions Korea (LCK) match because of an apparent illness.

With only one day of preparation, the ROX Tigers defeated Longzhu in decisive fashion Monday with a clean 2-0 victory. One of the points of interest was Kim “PraY” Jong-In’s journey toward 1,000 kills over his professional career in OGN/League Champions Korea play. With his team in first place, PraY says he’s praying for a certain team’s downfall, writes Inven’s Im Hye-Seong.

“We joke in the team that we’re only temporarily in first place, but honestly I really want SK Telecom T1 to lose,” he told Inven. “If we can win all of our games, and if SKT drops even one, then we would be confirmed for finals. That way the both of us can make it to the world championships. I’m planning to pray that SKT loses.”

The Tigers are usually strong against Longzhu regardless of Longzhu’s record. PraY said that he doesn’t “consider (themselves) strong against any team” in particular in the LCK, and only thought about “making it to the finals.”

On the question of the second player in history to have a recorded 1,000 kills over his career beginning in 2012, PraY didn’t really seem excited.

“I think it doesn’t mean much unless I was the first,” he said. “The way it is right now, I hope I get my 1000th kill in a very important game. Even if I mostly get assists, I want to get kills off of (Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok) and (Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik) to reach 1000. However I do think I’ll make it within the next 2 games.”

The Tiger’s top lane was in quite a tough spot as Song “Smeb” Kyeong-Ho was seen losing lanes both times as he was cut down repeatedly to ganks. But PraY said that it didn’t impact the team’s morale in a negative way.

“We were all laughing as we were playing,” he said. “We don’t usually get to laugh during competitive games, but Smeb was done from the first attempted turret dive. No one expected (Longzhu’s) Graves to show up that early. Even after the failed dive, (Han “Peanut* Wang-Ho) told top and bot to hang in there. Even after the first mishap, the team was in good spirits.”

Going forward, ROX will be facing some low-mid tier teams in the standings, but PraY still maintains a cautious mindset, as upsets can happen to anyone.

“Everyone is saying that they’re lower in the standings, but the pressure is immense,” he said. “Both MVP and ESC Ever are threatening teams. Honestly speaking though, I think we can win and we have to win. Finals are on the line.”


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