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KT Rolster coach on Arrow: “There was a lot of negative attention from fans, and he felt that he was falling behind.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster gave MVP its fourth loss in a row with a 2-0 sweep on Tuesday. With a strong pick and ban phase, KT was able to play around MVP’s unexpected top Vladimir pick, backed with strong performances from support Ha “Hachani” Seung-Chan and AD Carry No “Arrow” Dong-Hyeon. After the match casters Kim “Dangun” Eui-Joong, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, and Kim Dong-Jun hosted a live phone interview with KT’s head coach Lee Ji-Hoon, who said MVP’s surprise pick wasn’t that much of a surprise at all.

“Honestly I think that all the other teams are practicing (Vladimir top,)” he said. “Since he lacks a flash initiate, we worked around it with Ezreal kiting in the back and the tanks in front. The pick didn’t really catch us off guard.”

Caster Kim did ask the head coach about Arrow’s lackluster play in the match, and the seeming downwards spiral that Arrow seemed to be going through over the course of the losing streak. Head coach Lee said that if anything, Arrow got better.

“Personally I think he’s doing better now than he ever did when we dropped our games,” he said. “He was very depressed himself. There was a lot of negative attention from fans, and he felt that he was falling behind so he switched his mindset while also increasing practice time.”

CloudTemplar asked more in detail about the resurgence of Tahm Kench in the supporting role, and seeing as how Hachani left the match with MVP points, it was more than enough for an endorsement for more professional play. The head coach mentioned their experience against the ROX Tigers.

“When we faced the Tigers we had trouble against Tahm Kench, but we had also prepared to play him against them, but they functionally took him away” he said. “We had prepared ways to deal with Tahm, but ROX just managed to play around us. (In today’s match) Hachani’s ultimates were very quick, even out-pacing Twisted Fate at times, and he was able to follow up on his teammates getting caught out and saving them. Tahm can tank and he has a lot of utility, so I expect him to be played often or be banned out.”

The head coach concluded the interview mentioning that the tough schedule was very “hard on the players,” but also did say that the rest of League Champions Korea was going through the same problems. With KT working through the hardships, head coach Lee hopes that they finish well “with the end of the season coming up.”


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