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SKT coach: “We still haven’t gotten back our usual form, but I had a good feeling (about Wednesday’s game).”

The head coach of SK Telecom T1 shared his satisfaction of the 2-0 victory over Samsung Galaxy on Wednesday, writes OSEN’s Ko Yong-Jun. Despite nine days between games, head coach Choi Byung-Hoon said that they kept the intended schedule that he initially revealedduring a live phone interview.

“It was the first game after a while, but we were confident,” he told OSEN. “Of the nine days of no games, we had three days off and practiced as usual for the remaining six. We still haven’t gotten back our usual form, but I had a good feeling (about Wednesday’s game).”

He commented further that the nine days of no competitive matches was “something that the team really needed at the right time,” citing that the players were exhausted but “now have the second wind to play in the second round” after a period of recharging.

When asked about why SKT chose to use Kang “Blank” Seon-Gu in both games instead of switching him out with Bae “Bengi” Seun-Woong, the head coach explained that it was decision made both strategically and based on the performances of both players.

“When we saw Samsung ban out Gragas in Game 1, we thought we should keep going with Blank,” he said. “Right now Blank has better form than Bengi, but I think there will be other times when Bengi will be performing in competitive games,” and assured that both players are still very good players.

He finally echoed Faker’s sentiments about the ROX Tigers, saying that “ROX is very strong right now,” and was “glad that (SKT) is ahead in set points.”

“I don’t think ROX will drop any of the remaining games,” he said. “It would be great if they did but since that’s not very likely, we’ll still need to work on trying to beat them at their peak.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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