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SKT’s Wolf: “I’m the cheerleader of the team. There needs (to be) someone like that on every team.”

SK Telecom T1 stomped Samsung Galaxy with a decisive 2-0 victory on Wednesday. For the first time in League Champions Korea, a support player was awarded both MVP slots for Games 1 and 2, and it was SKT’s Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan who took the honors. Although quite happy for this unexpected honor, in a post-match interview with casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun, Wolf suspects that his lack of points had more to do with it.

“I think everyone looked at me nicely because I had zero MVP points,” he said. “I do feel bad because I think that I took someone’s MVP away, but it really feels nice to be here alone.” He also added that the reason he never got MVP points prior to this was because his “team is too good,” and that they “need to slip up so (Wolf) can make some plays.”

Caster Kim asked Wolf more in detail about the laning phase in Game 1 and how they were behind, and Wolf said he just refused to look at reality.

“When I looked at the situation, it was pretty bad for us,” he said. “I was in total denial and thought, ‘man, the matchup is too bad,’ but thankfully (Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik) landed a lot of good Ashe ultimates in the mid lane. I really thought he was going to get the MVP Game 1 and gave up on it.”

On the topic on Bang’s Magic Crystal Arrows, CloudTemplar asked if there was some team-wide communication that makes it happen, but Wolf revealed that it’s more like two individuals coming together to make a call while he watches.

“When the right situation arises, the team looks at it independently and talks to one another,” he said. “Usually Bang and (Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok) talked together about Bang’s ultimate in the mid lane. I didn’t do much. All I did was add positive comments like ‘hey that’s pretty good,’ and cheer them on. Support like that is very important, in fact I think we won thanks to all the fans that come to see us today. I’m the cheerleader of the team. There needs (to be) someone like that on every team.”

Completely turning gears, Wolf did make some plays as the casters eagerly pointed out, undoubtedly winning Wolf his MVP points. One of those moments was the solo kill on Samsung’s Sivir in game 1, and Wolf had to admit that he played well in that.

“That moment was all me,” he said. “Alistar right now deas a lot of damage with ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree. I realized that (Samsung’s) Tahm Kench was far and Sivir was alone, so I jumped on it. My judgment isn’t pretty bad either.”

Another interesting event in this crazy matchup was the four AD Carry bans in Game 2, with Samsung concentrating their bans on all of Bang’s picks, forcing a Miss Fortune pick in the bot lane. Wolf said that they’ve been in that exact situation before.

“That situation popped up before during practice,” he said. “We only ban one champion in scrims when we get lazy, and Bang can play a lot of different champions, so we actually thought it was a pick and ban phase in our favor.”

Another play from Wolf was focused on as SKT was knocking on Samsung’s Nexus and Tristana respawned to score a quadra kill only to be cut down by excellent play from Wolf. Looking back at it, even Wolf said, “wow that’s really cool now that I look at it.” The team didn’t agree.

“At the time the booth just agreed to break the nexus when everyone respawned,” he said. “No one cared. They’re just looking at their own screens. I also can’t stand my teammates praising someone else. I do praise Blank though, since he’s young.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games. 


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