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Longzhu’s Expession: “We’ve been actually thinking a lot about a Yasuo pick. I didn’t imagine we would actually go for it.”

Longzhu Gaming is still clawing its way out of relegations, and may be one foot out of the grave after a 2-1 victory against the Jin Air Green Wings on Friday. Ku “Expession” Bon-Taek in the top lane and Lee “Crash” Dong-Woo in the jungle were awarded MVP points for their incredible team play in leading the team’s win. In a post-match live interview with casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun, Expession revealed the fruits of their practice.

“We thought a lot and prepared a lot of picks and bans for today’s match,” he said. “I’d say about 80 percent of what we prepared for today was in action.”
One of the many fascinating moments of the game was that Yasuo was seen in the top lane for the first time in a while and even showed some dominance against Jin Air’s Gnar pick. Expession said that it was a pocket pick for some time.

“We’ve been actually thinking a lot about a Yasuo pick,” he said. “I didn’t even imagine that we would actually go for it.”

Crash added that he personally “really liked Yasuo,” and went as far to say that when we plays mid, he “only knows how to play him,” confessing a strong connection with the champion.

Depsite losing Game 2, Expession and Crash both said the game was a lot closer than it appeared,  and even winnable, depending on what could have happened.

“If we could have pushed out the lanes before they crashed into the inhibitors or had one more defense, we could have won,” Expession said. “But as a team we thought that the biggest problem was losing our top lane inhibitor.”

“(In the meantime), I told the team we could win after split pushing (Jin Air’s) inhibitor, and told them to not fight,” Crash said. “But someone made a fight call at Baron, and that’s when I knew we lost. (Kim “Pure” Jin-Seon) made that call.”

Another odd moment in today’s match was the odd item builds, such as Jin Air’s four Quicksilver Sashes, or Longzhu’s Hextech Gunblade Corki. Expession took charge and made the call.

“I (advised Corki to build it) because Trinity Force doesn’t have the critical strike chance stat anymore,” Expession said. “The gunblade came up in scrims before and I’ve been told that it’s pretty good, so I said to go for it. (Lee “Fury” Jin-Yong) did say he didn’t know what to build at some point, and I’ve never seen a duskblade on Corki until today.”


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