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SKT coach Choi on KkOma: “He does blame himself a lot, and his personality is also one that takes a lot of responsibility.”

kkoma Faker Wolf Bang League Champions Korea
SK Telecom T1 coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun took a rare moment to praise the players on his team.

SK Telecom T1 has gotten its revenge against ESC Ever with a 2-0 sweep on Wednesday and moved into second place in League Champions Korea. With commanding performances from the whole team, SKT seemingly has brushed aside concerns fans might have had since Saturday’s loss to the Afreeca Freecs, and in a post-match live phone interview with casters Jeon Yong-Jun, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, and Kim Dong-Jun SKT coach Choi Byung-Hoon said there’s still much to do.

“Our game performance isn’t great right now,” he said. “So we need to work hard and bring it up again.”

One of the more interesting facets of the match against ESC Ever was that Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok elected to play as Taliyah in both games, showing that in the right hands, Taliyah can be a real asset to the team. Coach Choi and one other member of the coaching staff disagreed.

“Faker isn’t perfect as Taliyah just yet,” he said. “Coach (Lee “Poohmandu”) was in the back clicking his tongue as he watched.”

Recently SKT’s jungler Kang “Blank” Seun-Gu has been getting a lot of negative attention with some lackluster performances, but he responded Wednesday with a strong performance. Head coach Choi seemed pleased with his jungler’s performance.

“He didn’t feel any particular pressure about playing Hecarim,” he said. “But we was more aware that his recent performances weren’t great. I was hoping that he would play with more confidence today, and I’m glad he played well today.”

Onto more important matters, CloudTemplar asked the SKT coach what he thought about the new SKT skins that made a large splash from Riot Games. Choi seemed to be happy with them, and more importantly, so are the players.

“I think they’re much better than the ones from before,” he said. “I was looking forward to their release since (Riot Games) took footage of our players’ custom recall animations during the Mid-Season Invitational. The players are very happy with them.”

Of course, caster Jun had to ask a follow up on comments made in a recent interview with Kim “KkOma” Jung-Gyun, particularly about KkOma taking all the blame for SKT’s recent slip in performance. Head coach Choi took a page out of KkOma’s book, based on his answer,

“We’re locked in to make the postseason, but if we don’t bring our game up with the next two games before that, I don’t think we’d be able to win,” he said. “With that in mind, all the players and staff are giving their all. If we all work hard together, I think we can show games that the fans would be excited to see.”

When pressed more about KkOma’s comments, Choi did say that “He does blame himself a lot, and his personality is also one that takes a lot of responsibility.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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