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Faker, answering question from elementary school child: “I also want to know what to do to become a better player.”

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

SK Telecom T1 swept ESC Ever in a clean 2-0 win on Wednesday on the backs of their MVP players Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok and Kang “Blank” Seun-Gu. Faker, the MVP of Game 1, said in the live post-match interview that even before he cemented the victory, he was unsure.

“Honestly I was worried that we’d lose to Ever today since we lost to them 4-0,” he said. “but the game went really well for us so I’m happy.”


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Faker did mention that he didn’t expect himself to take the MVP, but rather said his personal pick for Game 1’s MVP would’ve been Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik, especially for his Baron steal with the Ashe’s ultimate skill, which was kind of a coincidence.

“Ever was bursting Baron down a lot quicker than we thought, so we did think there was a chance for a steal,” he said. “Ever also responded well by backing off from Baron a bit, but unlike our intentions to deal damage and steal with Hecarim’s smite, luckily the steal went to Ashe. the chances were about 50-50 at the moment.”

Faker also turned some heads by playing Taliyah in both games, and when asked about CJ Entus’ mid laner Kim “Sky” Ha-Neul’s comments on how he watched Faker’s stream to play Taliyah, Faker was more puzzled than anything, saying that he “doesn’t know what Sky learned” from watching his stream, and even praised Sky for having “better instincts (as Taliyah)” than he did.

With Faker having a clear impact on champion choices in League Champions Korea, the next question was what he is preparing next, but Faker kept that as a “team secret,” but did say that he is one of the few players who makes off-meta picks.

As an aside, one of the questions from the fans came from a elementary school child, who sheepishly wrote his question on a sticky note about how to become a master tier player.

“I also want to know what to do to become a better player,” he said. “I think it’s important to practice as much as you can, and work on the mistakes when you lose games.”

Game two’s MVP Blank also had an interview who came back from some harsh criticism for his past performances. Although his game two Hecarim was a game changer, he wasn’t really stellar as Hecarim.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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