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Ssumday: “I think it’s about time I get good again.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster has triumphed over ESC Ever in a 2-1 win Friday, with MVP nods for Games 1 and 3 going to star top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-Ho. In a post-match live interview with casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun, Ssumday said that it was about time he got back to his usual form.

“There wasn’t some great change within me, more of an image that stuck (about my play style),” he said. “I think it’s about time I get good again.”


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Caster Kim did ask about their loss in Game 2, despite of the lead Ssumday had. According to Ssumday, it had a lot to with the bottom lane.

There were also some concerns among the fans about the players’ health, in particular for KT’s support Ha “Hachani” Seung-Chan, after news spread that he suffered some injury to his leg. Ssumday said that the injury had some unexpected effects.

“He’s a really fiery person, so I think the leg injury just added more fuel to that,” he said, before carefully added that he hopes Hachani “gets better soon.”

CloudTemplar brought the conversation back to Ssumday’s performance in the game, which showed strong map presence to use his lane lead and assist his teammates. Ssumday said that Ekko as a champion gives a lot of tools to the top laner.

“His lane push is very fast and in the case of today’s match I was ahead the entire time,” he said. “So after pushing I tell the team that I’ll initiate in mid since their top lane is tied up.”

Ever also maintained a cautious stance towards KT’s mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-Jun in particular, target banning mid lane champions away. According to Ssumday, Fly wasn’t really happy about it.

“Fly often complained to stop cutting off his hands and feet,” he said. “But ultimately those bans came to be because they can’t handle (those champions) and were predictable in a sense.”


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