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SKT’s Wolf on Jin Air match: “It was a very frustrating situation. But we are pros. We make sure we don’t go on tilt and decided that we should lock the doors and let nobody in.”

SK Telecom T1 narrowly avoided a loss at the hands of the Jin Air Green Wings after winning an almost 70 minute Game 3 on Wednesday to earn the 2-1 victory in its second to last League Champions Korea match of the summer regular season.

The MVPs of SKT were nominated to AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik and support Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan, and in a post-match live interview with casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun, Bang said despite the close calls the last game wasn’t all that bad.

“Before we started our games today, the head coach talked to us concerning our recent drop in performance, and since the match today was dangerously close, there is still an aftertaste of the last game,” he said. “It was a very back and forth type of game where both teams could win and we didn’t know whether we would win or not until the end, so it was fun in a sense.”

Wolf, on the other hand, appeared to be obviously exhausted at the end of all of it, and simply said that his “head hurt” and that he had to lie down on chairs after that last game.

As if to grill Wolf even harder, CloudTemplar asked Wolf’s opinion on SKT’s jungler Kang “Blank” Seon-Gu, and it was clear that it was a hard question for Wolf, who simply said that Blank is great on Gragas, and “great in general.”

Of course, caster Kim had to ask what the booth was like as Jin Air was knocking on SKT’s base trying to end the game before the comeback that SKT pulled seemingly from nowhere. Like the true cheerleader of SKT, Wolf said he was the brightest and most positive member of the team and said what everyone expected of him.

“It was a very frustrating situation,” he said. “But we are pros. We make sure we don’t go on tilt and decided that we should lock the doors and let nobody in. We gave up what we had to and caught up to them.”

Bang shared his two cents about his laning partner, and although he agreed that Wolf is “comparatively the most positive,” he went as far to saying that he feels Wolf says those things with an air of reluctance more than anything.

Lastly, with one last regular season game ahead of them, Wolf of course had to thank some people in the crowd, the SKT support staff, and an interesting third party.

“In the midst of all this craziness we got new uniforms, and I think we won today thanks to our new, comfortable uniforms,” he said to erupting laughter. “With a collaboration with Fila and SKT, this uniform was a result of the most advanced clothing technology and gave us the win, so I’d like to thank the agency and Fila.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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