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Longzhu stuns SKT to stay out of LCK relegation tournament

Longzhu Gaming has avoided the threats of relegations with a 2-0 sweep of SK Telecom T1, of all teams, on Friday. With the last match being a clean victory, Longzhu won’t have to fight for its spot in next year’s League Champions Korea spring split.

As celebration, the entire starting roster was invited to the live post-match interview with OGN casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun. Longzhu’s veteran Gu “Expession” Bon-Taek said that in preparation they had to increase practice time.

“We usually have two scheduled scrim times,” he said. “But the head coach told us that we should add in early morning scrims for preparation. I want to personally thank team SBENU for being our scrim partner in the early mornings and the other teams that practiced with us.”

On the flip side, Longzhu’s boisterous jungler Lee “Crash” Dong-Woo was not only satisfied with the outcome against SKT, but said some strong words that maybe showed a glimpse of a strong Longzhu comeback in the coming season.

“I think this (win) was expected of us,” he said. “I’m very confident against SKT. I didn’t expect two MVP nominations (like I did today,) but I did think I would get one.”

Perhaps the player on Longzhu who made the biggest waves, mid laner Kim “Frozen” Tae-Il, also known as the “heart of Longzhu,” came back late into the season but still managed to prove to the fans just how strong the heart still beats. He spent some time explaining what he had to do after his return, and how effective Longzhu’s three-man coaching staff is.

“After returning to the team we spent a lot of time getting me acclimated,” he said. “I didn’t care who got the MVP nomination as long as we won, since we’re all MVPs in my eyes. The head coach and coaching staff set the drafting for us, and they’re been right about 90 percent of the time.”

Finally, Expession shed some light on the confidence behind Longzhu today that gave them the victory, and though nothing “earth shattering” happened during feedback, the team decided to work together.

“The team just talked a lot as a unit and decided to follow calls together,” he said. “We won about 15 practice games with a similar comp we showed today, so we forgot what it was like to lose.”


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