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KT Rolster coach after beating SKT: “I’m still unsure if I’m dreaming (or) awake.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster head coach Lee Ji-Hoon told Fomos’ Nam Yun-Seong he was still dazed after his team’s stunning 3-2 League Champions Korea playoff win Friday against reigning world champion SK Telecom T1.

“I’m still unsure if I’m dreaming (or) awake,” he told Fomos. “We’ve always tripped over SKT, but I never would have thought we’d win against them like this. We’ve been losing to them (in the playoffs) since 2013, and we finally have one over them.”

The coach did share that he was momentarily nervous of a 3-0 loss to SKT after losing the first two games. But Game 3, and KT’s head coach attributed the victory to a single pick.

“Our mid laner (Song “Fly” yong-Jun) is very talented in playing strong champions, so I think the match turned for us as we prepared an Ekko pick from him,” he said. He went further to say that his personal MVP was Fly, praising his ability “to not fall behind Faker in lane,” even though it must have been a tough matchup.

Now the only thing standing in the way of KT’s summer victory is the ROX Tigers, another team that had their dreams of victory previously dashed by SKT. Coach Lee said that he is confident that his team can take this momentum and create another victory.

“In order for SKT to make it to the world championships, ROX has to win, so I think those two teams will practice against one another a lot,” he said. “Right now we’re having a hard time looking for a practice partner. If we can shore up the weaknesses we have right now, I think we can make a fun match against ROX.”

Lee concluded the interview still saying that he “couldn’t believe this,” and that he wanted to change the perception that KT is always a step behind SKT and ROX. He also mentioned the hard work of KT’s coaches Oh Chang-Jong and Kim Hwan’s roles in the training regimen, and that he’ll be right back to working after a day of rest.


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