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DreamHack confirms a return to Montreal, other Canadian events

DreamHack Montreal concluded this past weekend and will return again in 2017.

In an email sent to those who purchased a founder’s pass, DreamHack confirmed the existence of next year’s installment with the promise of a free VIP ticket and goes on to explain a discount on all future events in Canada. Many people speculated where DreamHack’s first event in Canada would be when it first announced its foray to the North. Vancouver and Toronto were hotly debated as potential sites for a DreamHack event this time and will again be cities that expect to garner attention.

Montreal is no stranger to large LAN parties, as it has played host to LAN ETS, which received its name from the place it originated (l’École de technologie supérieure) for over a decade. DreamHack Montreal saw thousands of gamers flock to Place Bonaventure this past weekend. Most prominently featuring the WCS Summer Finals for Starcraft 2, DreamHack also hosted tournaments in Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter V and a multitude of BYOC tournaments. With unfortunate timing in its inaugural year, DreamHack Montreal shared a weekend with both The International and Super Smash Con, most likely leading to fewer pro-level esports tournaments and attendance.

The winners of the BYOC Counter-Strike tournament, Ace Gaming, is a Canadian organization that has previously played in the ESL Pro League. Its star player, Yassine “subroza” Taoufik, has recently been at the center of rumors about possibly joining Counter Logic Gaming. DreamHack Montreal attracted many players from all different skill levels and looks to do so for many years to come.

For more coverage from DreamHack Montreal 2016 stay tuned to Slingshot Esports.

Cover photo by Pierre Yves Laroche/DreamHack


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