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League of Legends gaining on Overwatch in PC Bangs — for now

League of Legends is close to catching up with Overwatch for the first time since June in Korean PC Bangs.

According to a report from This is Game, Overwatch has been on a steady decline in play percentages since Tuesday, as League of Legends has been on the ascent since Thursday. The report uses data from Korean PC Bang data website Game Tricks, which showed that as of Monday, though still second, League is now within 1 percent of Overwatch.

Since it’s release in May, Overwatch has taken a chunk out of League of Legends’ reign as the most popular game at PC Bangs. Overwatch has topped the play percentage tables for nine weeks running. Although the weekly averages show that Overwatch still has a healthy lead over League, the past week has shown a slight resurgence for League of Legends. It’s worth noting the lack of paywall at PC Bangs has definitely aided the the popularity of Overwatch, but that should not take away from the game’s overall rise.

The decline could have to do do with the end of Overwatch’s first competitive season. According to the report, the gap between the two games started to widen at the tail end of June, as Blizzard announced the start of Season 1, with users being able to play competitive games in order to raise their ranking. Season 1 came to a close on Thursday, and Overwatch entered an “offseason” for two weeks, during which players cannot raise their rankings, as they are reset for Season 2. The end of Overwatch’s first competitive season coincides perfectly with League’s second wind in PC Bang play, so it’s plausible to think many users switched games during the lull of competitive Overwatch.

That would suggest, then, that League of Legends has a two-week period to perhaps overtake Overwatch as the No. 1 game in PC Bangs. If the past two months are any indication, however, Overwatch will reclaim its spot when Season 2 of competitive play begins.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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