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Q&A: Liquid’s Snute and Mana talk Blizzcon and what they would do without StarCraft

Photo by Pierre Yves Laroche/DreamHack

Slingshot’s Blake Bottrill caught up with a pair of Team Liquid StarCraft players at DreamHack Montreal. Jens “Snute” Aasgaard and Grzegorz “Mana” Komincz shared their thoughts on Blizzcon, the current metagame and what they would be doing without Starcraft.

Blake Bottrill: If you guys had to pick a player that you want to make Blizzcon that isn’t on your team, who would it be?

Jens “Snute” Aasgaard: Can we pick someone that is already locked in? I think Nerchio, I think he is one of the strongest performing players.

Grzegorz “Mana” Komincz: I think Neeb to be honest. He is really good at the moment. I really hope he can get a lot of tournament experience now. Seeing him at Blizzcon would be very nice to see because for me as a Protoss I want to look up to someone from a foreign meta. Neeb would be nice to see.

BB: Everybody has that one unit that they hate. What is the one unit that you would remove from the game?

JA: I think the adept is not very well designed. I would probably remove the adept.

GK: Ravager. I would remove the Ravager. The new units in general are not that great.

BB: If you were to bring back any map from Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm what is it?

GK: I would bring back Whirlwind.

JA: Probably Whirlwind. Maybe Polar Night.

GK: What the…it’s a bit tricky because we got Frost and King Sejong Station back, and I don’t think they are that great Legacy of the Void maps. They were super good in Heart of the Swarm. I loved them, but I’m sure about Whirlwind.

JA: I think Whirlwind would fit very well with Legacy.

GK: Probably better than the other two.

BB: If you weren’t playing Starcraft what would be spending most of your time doing right now?

GK: I would probably be spending most of my time streaming. Probably streaming because I still enjoy playing video games, and if I’m not a StarCraft 2 pro gamer, I still enjoy playing games, so streaming would probably be the best thing I could do.

JA: I would probably go to university, maybe some sort of full-time job. Probably something generic, or spending time doing music.

GK: DJ Snute!

BB: Alright what is your favorite game that isn’t Starcraft then?

GK: Pokemon!

JA: There is plenty. Too many. Probably Dance Dance Revolution.

BB: Who do you really want to play in a best-of-seven?

GK: I’d like to play Maru, maybe not a fair fight but I would like to. I was practicing with him in Korea in 2012 a lot, before he was like the big bomb, and I was winning against him a lot of the time up until the point where he was winning a lot against me as well. I would like to see what is the real difference right now after the last couple years.

JA: Maybe before I would be able to answer this. ZvP is so weird right now, normally I would say something like CJ.Hero but ZvP is so weird right now, I feel like all the matchups are so weird. I have no special wish.

BB: What is your favourite thing about the meta right now then?

JA: He can go first.

GK: Like for me, it’s not set yet. That is my favorite part: The meta can change every day, every month. We don’t know. That is the thing I like the most.

JA: I feel like the strategies are very map dependent. Some matchups are very generic. I feel like ZvT is very map dependent but in general it plays out the same, always. I think ZvP has the most variety out of the matchups so I enjoy ZvP a lo. It is developing a lot faster than the other matchups. ZvZ is always going to be ZvZ, there is not really a whole lot of development in that matchup. I think therefore ZvP is the most interesting. Obviously the adepts are setting a certain wall, but as soon as you pass that wall, then the matchup becomes very interesting.

BB: Alright, last question then, fight one iNcontroL sized zergling or ten zergling sized iNcontroLs?

GK: One iNcontroL sized zergling of course!

JA: Yeah, yeah yeah.

GK and JA: Absolutely!

Photo by Pierre Yves Laroche/DreamHack