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Dota 2 roster shuffle, LoL worlds picture clears, Team X rebrands

Our top stories from the weekend:

A look at three “hidden bosses” in SoCal Smash.

An interview with German cosplayer Xanti from GamesCom about the weapons ban and what the scene is like.

Kongdoo Monster became the first team to be relegated and then re-qualify for League Champions Korea.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

Counter Logic Gaming and H2K have qualified for the League of Legends World Championship by winning their respective third place matches.

An in-depth interview with CLG founder George “Hotshotgg” Georgallidis.

Immortals bent but did not break in winning its third place match against CLG.

Dota 2

Alliance announced massive changes to its roster.

Three players have left Evil Geniuses.

Team Secret has signed three players from MVP Phoenix.

TNC Pro Team released a statement about its massive roster shakeup.

Tal “Fly” Aizik released a statement about OG’s roster moves.

Why the Dota scene is in a better place because of the way Wings won The International.


The Team X (formerly SK Gaming) roster has rebranded and will be called Heroic.

Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver has joined Team SoloMid.

Super Smash Bros

Jason “Mew2King” won Melee over the weekend at Shine.


A $250,000 tournament is coming to China and will be run by Banana Plan, the company that produced the League of Legends Pro League this year.

Team Liquid has signed former Quake player Shane “rapha” Hendrixson.

Rise Nation has acquired an Overwatch team.

Other games

Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong: The legacy of Street Fighter’s Moment 37.



International Wild Card Qualifiers (LOL)

Dark Passage 1:0 Albus NoX Luna

Lyon Gaming 1:0 Kaos Latin Gamers

Chiefs 1:0 INTZ

Dark Passage 1:0 Rampage

Lyon 1:0 Saigon Jokers


European League Championship Series

Third place

H2K 3:1 Unicorns of Love

North American League Championship Series

Third place

Immortals 3:2 Counter Logic Gaming

International Wild Card Qualifiers (LOL)

Rampage 1:0 Kaos Latin Gamers

Lyon 1:0 Chiefs

Kaos Latin Gamers 1:0 Albus NoX Luna

INTZ 1:0 Dark Passage

Albus NoX Luna 1:0 Saigon Jokers


European League Championship Series: Summer Finals

G2 3:1 Splyce

North American League Championship Series: Summer Finals

Team SoloMid 3:1 Cloud9

International Wild Card Qualifiers (LOL)

Lyon 1:0 Rampage

INTZ 1:0 Albux NoX Luna

Kaos Latin Gamers 1:0 Saigon Jokers

Dark Passage 1:0 Chiefs

INTZ 1:0 Saigon Jokers


(All times Eastern)

International Wild Card Qualifiers (LOL)


Lyon vs. Albus NoX Luna, 4 p.m.

Dark Passage vs. Saigon Jokers, 5 p.m.

Rampage vs. Chiefs, 6 p.m.


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