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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

The former Cloud9 team of EternaLEnVy, SingSing, bOne7,  AUI_2000 and pieliedie will always have a special place in every Dota fan’s heart. The Chinese fans most aptly named them the artists. For their play was much like modern art: Utterly incomprehensible. No lead was unthrowable, no comeback impossible, no game unclownable under their watch. To this day, there is no other team or player to have gone to their lengths to throw games as consistently and as often as they do in such a weird manner. And I’ve seen a lot. Bomber in SC2, Dignitas in League of Legends, The Liquid Choke in CS:GO; nothing was ever quite as strange as watching that squad play Dota2.

As Draskyll once said, “So long as they exist, I will never fully understand Dota.”

But this is about bOne7, the man the Chinese called Beng7. Beng meaning to either throw or collapse. He was synonymous with the team for being able to take over a game or much more likely to throw it in such inconceivable ways, it is hard to even describe. And while I never got to watch him play in 2016 (he had failed all the quals and I only watch LANs), it’s nice to see that he hasn’t changed.


Source: BeyondtheSummit

The deadline for dropping players for Dota2 was Sunday. If you didn’t drop players and changed teams, that forced you to go through open qualifiers. Despite having the roster already made up bOne7 waited till the last day to drop everyone, and then he realized he was too late.

He literally threw his team before the season even started. bOne7 is a true artist.


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