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Q&A: Zews on winning Northern Arena and getting comfortable with Immortals

Immortals was victorious at Northern Arena this weekend and our Blake Bottrill caught up with their in-game leader, Wilton “Zews” Prado, afterward to talk about the win and what’s next for Immortals.

During the third map of the grand final there was a large delay as the admins and teams deliberated a decision to restart the map due to improper headgear from Immortals player Henrique “hen1” Teles. It was ultimately decided to restart the game one round earlier at 2-0 for Immortals.

Blake Bottrill: Insanely close series between you guys and Cloud 9. What went right today? Did everyone just show up to play today or was there something else today that just went right?

Wilton “Zews” Prado: Everybody showed up this whole tournament, not just today. They did an amazing job, LAN is always a whole different game than online. There is more pressure, the situations are more intense and everything like that. On map one we started off strong and then it got a little weak. On the Terrorist side, thank god I was able to in-game lead really well and I had some really good reads on them so we got to close it out pretty easily. Map two was the other way around, our CT side was pretty meh, our T side as well. We lost both pistol rounds, we lost four clutches and it still was 16-13 on their map pick. A lot of mistakes on our part. Map 3 we started off strong and then with the pause everything came down, we lost an eco and we were doing really badly. We just had to get our heads straight and after we did we got the last closing rounds [on the terrorist side]. On the pistol round for CT I was able to help out the team pretty well and after that we just had to keep momentum going. hen1 got an insane clutch and after that the pressure got to Cloud 9 I think and we were able to take it home.

BB: You ended up making a little bit of a comeback from the start of the CT side on Overpass. Immortals has always been an emotional team. What do you do to make sure you lock down those last couple of rounds?

WP: One thing that I have learned in SK and now with Immortals is that emotion is one of the best things we could have. It fuels us, it’s what makes us practice as hard as we do and motivates us. It can also be a double-edged sword where it can bring you down in intense moments, so we have to prepare ourselves emotionally a lot. To use the hype when we have it, and when we are losing we have to learn how to calm our nerves and play a little more like the Europeans in that sense. When we get to that perfect emotional balance, that’s when we will be at our highest level.

BB: You came into the tournament as the favorites and you proved it here. What is the next step for Immortals? What do you still have to work on?

WP: Mostly, we have to qualify for Brazil in the Pro League and we hope to make the Major qualifiers and get ourselves in the Major this time. No more fluking around. We just want to be in every major tournament where the big teams are, we want to face the best international competition.

BB: Have you brought a lot of your coaching role into your role as a player?

WP: Not so much the coaching role. I help Rafael with what he needs but he has his own personality. He has the way he does things. The part I bring more from SK is mostly now the in-game leading and the system that FalleN and myself were able to create over there along with coldzera and everyone. Also just an overall mentality of how to play and I have to in-game lead so I will leave the coaching to Rafael. That’s more than enough what I have to do, right?

Blake Bottrill: You’ve played a lot of Counter-Strike in the last couple of weeks and it doesn’t really stop because you have ESL One qualifiers and ELEAGUE qualifiers coming up. What is the expectation headed into the next couple of weeks?

WP: This just proves that we are a really solid team. We are in the higher ranks in North America. We have to qualify for everything possible. Our only goal is to be among the best, so that is what we have to obtain.

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