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How was Ex6TenZ supposed to know anyways?

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

During the entire Valve communication debacle that happened last week, Thorin revealed that he had an argument with Valve about banning Titan from the Major, as KQLY was VAC-banned. He revealed that Valve thought it was punishment for not catching KQLY cheating beforehand. This has been bugging me ever since as you have to ask yourself, how could the team and Ex6TenZ have known anyway?

There have been multiple threads on the CS:GO subreddit about how to make cheats undetectable to the naked eye. On top of that, Ex6TenZ as far as I know isn’t a coder that knows a great deal about cheating in CS:GO. There is no way he could recognize the mechanics of a way a cheat could happen. Even in normal life, when people know and understand the mechanics they can’t recognize what is happening. Couples cheat on each other in relationships all the time. People steal and lie from their friends without ever being caught. In this case, KQLY was just a teammate and using a system that his team likely knew nothing about.

Hell Valve either couldn’t even recognize or ignored under-age gambling until the CS:GO Shuffle scandal hit and they had access to the entire system.

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