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Riot Korea implements new way to curb verbal abuse, cites “community outcry that said that ‘Reports to Riot are useless.'”

Riot Games Korea announced it will implement a new way to curb verbal abuse and vulgar language in the League of Legends server.

A Riot employee posted on the Korean online community website Inven that the new system will begin live testing this week and admitted that there were “limits to the past instant feedback system.” The new system will be updated and tweaked in real time during the live testing, and all verbal abuse will “not only go through “instant feedback,” but also go through “verbal abuse prevention’” as a two-step process.

Riot’s goals for the new system include increasing preventative action and verbal abuse penalties by 30 times by adding “previously undetected verbal abuse and thinly veiled vulgar language.” Riot also added that it aims to deliver the penalties within hours, with “the majority taking place within two hours,” and at the same time maintaining the current 0.05 percent rate of false positives.

Most interestingly, the post added on the last part of the announcement that this new system was spurred by the “community outcry that said that ‘Reports to Riot are useless,’” and apologized to users for their lackluster record of punishing abusive players and asked the players to understand that Riot aims this new system to be a “work in progress, and not a fix-all.”

Cover photo by Chris Yunker (flickr)


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