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Riot warns G2, Activision Blizzard signs FOX Sports exec, EVO Japan investment

Our top stories from Wednesday:

A look at the battle royale shaping up at the first major Counter-Strike tournament after the offseason.

It’s nearly impossible for players — who aren’t pros — to recover their League of Legends accounts in Korea if they get hacked.

An ex-SK Telecom T1 player ended a wild year as a head coach of a lower-level Chinese team.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

Riot Games issued a formal warning to Jens Hilgers about G2’s loan to Fnatic.

A season in review from Immortals CEO Noah Whinston.

An exit interview (of sorts) with Immortals top laner Heo “Huni” Seong-Heo.

An interview with Splyce coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi.

The top five surprises of the summer.

Worlds predictions from Cloud9’s Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen.


compLexity has signed Cory “APE” Bate.

An interview with Cloud9’s Jordan “N0thing” Gilbert from the StarLadder LAN in Ukraine.

Catching up with Heroic’s Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander at the StarLadder tournament.

The Esports Championship Series announced a community caster challenge in which lesser known casters can stream the ECS development league.

Examining Tomáš “oskar” Štastný’s move to mousesports.


Activision Blizzard has brought on FOX Sports executive Pete Vlastelica as CEO of Major League Gaming.

Other games

EVO Japan has received a $1 million investment.

Natus Vincere has shut down its Hearthstone department.


ESL Pro League Season 4: Week 4 (CSGO)


Fnatic 1:1 FaZe Clan (9-16, 22-18)

mousesports 2:0 PENTA (16-11, 16-13)

North America

OpTic Gaming 2:0 Splyce (16-8, 16-9)

NRG 2:0 Echo Fox (16-11, 16-9)

StarLadder i-League Season 2 (CSGO)

Group A

HellRaisers 1:0 Dignitas (16-9)

Ninjas in Pyjamas 1:0 Godsent (16-5)

Group B

FaZe Clan 1:0 Flipsid3 (16-2)

Flipsid3 1:0 MVP Project (16-9)

Group C

Tyloo 1:0 Natus Vincere (16-10)

Heroic 1:0 Astralis (16-13)

Heroic 1:0 Tyloo (16-13)

Group D

Cloud9 1:0 EnVyUs (16-8)


(All times Eastern)

StarLadder i-League Season 2 (CSGO)


Group B

G2 VS. FaZe Clan, 8:30 a.m.

Group C

Natus Vincere vs. Astralis, 10 a.m.

Group D vs. Vici Gaming, 11:30 a.m.

Team EnVyUs vs. TBD, 1 p.m.

Cloud9 vs. TBD, 2:30 p.m.


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