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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

I’ve said this multiple times and I’ll likely keep saying this forever. I don’t care about online matches.

Never have, never will. Especially in Counter-Strike, where aim is such an important factor and the differences in ping creates a natural advantage. On top of that, server delays make everyone play worse. While you can argue that it should make the playing field “equal,” some play worse than others in those conditions. Also the latency makes the AWP more powerful as well.

There is some merit to online matches in that there is some correlation in the overall strategy of teams, but there is too much weight put on them. There are multiple teams just off the top of my head that had completely different results compared to their online form. VP dropped to Premier and won ELEAGUE and got top four at he Major. Na’Vi was incredible on LAN, but couldn’t make it to ESL Pro League. NiP had the best record in the first ESL PL and have only one LAN win. Selfless was doing great online but continually failed on LAN. Even in Starladder, Flipsid3, which completely collapsed online, is now in the top eight.

All of this to say that if someone wants to convince me that a team is good, using online results is a waste of time.


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