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SKT Bang acts a fool in solo queue, doesn’t care

SK Telecom T1’s AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-Sik is passing the time before the League of Legends World Championship by fooling around in solo queue, apparently to the dismay of the Korean League of Legends community.

In a seemingly lost game, Bang wanted to surrender, but the rest of his teammates refused and forced Bang to continue playing. Allegedly according to a viewer, Bang started to use all of his spells next to the ally Nexus, throwing the game on purpose. Even when there was a winning team fight without him, he joined in late and landed a couple of hits. Later he confirmed in his stream that he didn’t follow up on his team on purpose.

Some viewers tried to point out his attitude but were promptly banned from the stream, and when one viewer asked if the chat room “must blindly say things to make Bang feel better,” he was immediately banned as well.

Bang later offered an apology after he ended the stream, but then turned around by saying that “some people will hate (him) no matter what (he does),” and continued to imply that the Bard player on his team should have surrendered, given their poor performance.

Bang continued onto his Twitter page and posted a tweet responding to a slew of criticism he received on Inven that he was acting unprofessionally. (It is translated below)

“People only hear things they want to hear. It’s fine to give me normal feedback. As I have said, I apologize to the viewers who feel upset by my actions. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. The people who hate me no matter what I do are people who have dishwasher (or minimum wage) mentalities who sling personal attacks at me with their delusional fantasies.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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