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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Thorin released a video recently about journalists in the esports industry. This made me think about my own origins about writing as I had never planned to go full time.

I started writing SC2 in 2012. Back then Fionn was still writing SC2 for free but had plans to make writing a full-time job. He’d eventually be drawn to the superior production of LoL OGN, regional play and the LoL game in general. Which was great for him as that was the starting point of his career. But his insistence that he would one day get paid made me think about what my own goals were for writing.

So I asked myself what were my goals? I imagined the worst possible scenario. I imagined myself writing 5-10 years down the line as a hobby. With neither pay nor acknowledgement, only the satisfaction of amusing myself with writing.

In my mind, that was cool with me. Good work well done is a satisfying feeling even without pay or attention. So I kept writing and writing and writing until one day Thorin messaged me saying I should make a Twitter so he could share my work. So I did.

Then I went back to write more and more and more, until one day people were saying I was the best SC2 writer.

I thought about why people thought this. Technically, I’m not great. I never studied writing in school and all I’d done was through experience. I could do analytical writing, narrative, parodies, jokes, etc. But I eventually came to one conclusion:

I had out-survived everyone else. Every other SC2 writer either moved onĀ or joined then lost interest. It was basically an endurance race and I had won by default.

So that’s my advice to any writer. Just make so much work until that people have to notice you. Win by default.


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