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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

During my time writing, watching and consuming esports and esports-related content, there is always one argument that comes up. Whenever a fan or person gets offended by a particular piece, argument or statement, they always say something like, “The author is biased for X player.” And for the record, there are times when someone is biased. Whether it be because of financial or personal ties. I even think that bias can be a good thing depending on the context and what you’re doing, but a lot of fans use it.

I’ve seen the biased argument multiple times. In League of Legends, Kelsey Moser has written articles that were called biased for and against the Chinese region, EU region and NA region. Montecristo was called biased for not saying Fnatic was outright favorites to get to the finals. In both cases, logic and arguments were pushed aside with people yelling that they were biased. Part of me thinks it is because many of them didn’t have an argument so they could only latch onto the one thing they could understand.

As for my part, I’ve been called bias for and against Team Liquid players, for and against foreigner players, for and against Korean players. And all I can do is laugh.

When someone uses the biased argument without addressing any of the points or pointing how I could be biased towards any org or player (and besides Mvp and Has, no one has ever been able to guess which players were my favorites), they’ve given up. They’ve capitulated their logic and their thinking. They’ve already made up their mind about your position before you’ve ever explained anything and then project their own failings onto someone else.


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