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Dota 2 Season 6: The cycle of revenge

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

The best part about Dota2 roster shuffles is that a lot of the time a roster kick feels personal to whoever got kicked. Sometimes it is personal. As a big fan of revenge and spite in general I laid out some revenge arcs to look forward to in the upcoming Dota 2 season.

Moo vs. DC: Moo was the off laner of Digital Chaos and after making it to second place in the finals of TI6 everyone thought no one was being kicked. But Misery was once a Secret player and every Secret player knows you need to kick someone after a high-profile finish (usually for RTZ). Thus in the never ending story of karmic revenge, Misery the man who was once kicked, kicked out Moo in turn.

Moonmeander vs OG: No one believed in the friendship of OG as much as Moonmeander. And thus he needed to be kicked. Without being told face to face, he was unceremoniously kicked. He then joined DC as DC had already proven their skills in getting revenge on people who kicked them out of their teams.

rOtk vs Swindlez: rOtk during a slump of his career defended his terrible play by saying compLexity respected his skill because they were banning his enchantress. Swindlez came out and said it was because rOtk was only good on that one hero and bad in everything else. rOtk went on Weibo to say he’d quit the game if Swindlez ever beat him in a real match before deleting the post. The grudge match that must happen.

bOne7 vs Logic itself. bOne7 already beat logic by throwing his team before the season officially started. Can he continue his reign of terror against common sense?

And finally RTZ vs whoever Secret kicks to make room for him.


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