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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

I’m usually happy and content. I don’t know how to be otherwise.  There are multiple stories I could tell that about my past that could explain this. But then I remembered I really can’t. All the good ones are of extremely dubious nature. Some of them are stories not about myself, but of others I’ve met and those are even more dubious in nature.

So let’s say I was in the margins. I can’t say I was stuck there, since I could have left. That strange place between past and present, present and future, society and the self, between dreaming and reality. Sometimes I was waiting for hours with nothing to do. Didn’t have a TV, had read the same books I could multiple times so I was stuck there dreaming, imagining, thinking and fighting with myself about anything everything.

As the saying goes, I believed mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. Then I believe mountains were not mountains and rivers were not rivers. Then I came to know mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers.

Not much else to say really, I enjoy life even though I’ve never been a part of normal societal groups. I tried for a long time to understand it, but eventually got bored.

Oh here’s a story. One time I was heart broken. Flash was legitimately playing amazing at the very end of 2014. I’d even written about how he was recreating Dear’s run from nothing to a possible Blizzcon finish. It was terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I like Flash, I respect him (he will always be one of the greats of all time in any game), but I knew in my heart of hearts his fans would overblow it an extremely obnoxious way about how he was revolutionizing the game, all competition before him was a farce, and the game is trash unless Flash is playing and winning, if he isn’t winning it’s the game’s fault.

And then DRG and soO saved me from that terrible hype train. The world had corrected itself, and they all disappeared back into the darkness.

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. And that’s about the kind of person I am.


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